About Cindy and Thomas Jarrett and HorseJourneys

"Let beauty we love be what we do" -- Rumi

Her Story

My horse journey began with being born, Year of the Horse. The messages and medicine of horses has been coursing through my veins and soul before I could speak. This lifetime has been all about preparing for being a voice for the horse.

Growing up in the city mostly lent itself to contact with horses at fairs and local stables. It was no accident that my whole childhood's focus was on watching horses, getting to those fairs or stables on my weekends, or just pretending to be one. I didn't realize I was preparing for something greater than my child's mind could begin to comprehend.

It wasn't until I was 24 and newly graduated from college that I was able to have my first horse. Abu El Rashid (which means "rightly guided father") and I were inseparable and joined-up from day one. Upon acquiring him I couldn't wait to play with him like another horse. I had practice at this game. Once arrived at his new stable, I groomed and washed him and turned him out in the large arena and began to prance and dance with him. He matched my every move and whinnied with delight. Ahhh, for a camcorder.

No one called it dancing with horses back then. In that first day he took me into his heart and he fell into mine. We moved to Kansas together where I was able to live a hay field away from him and watch him from my kitchen window. This is where my telepathic communication with horses began.

I was able to feel and sense what my horse was thinking and feeling. He clearly conveyed images and feeling states. He showed me his loneliness and how he needed a partner. This is when I bought him a beauty of a buckskin mare - Sunshadow. I was a complete novice, but I learned everything I know about horses - from my horses.

I was graced for nine years with these amazing beings before I let them go to pursue my relationship with my husband and career expansions. And now coming full circle, I return to my souls' roots and am in the good fortune of working with Horses as powerful partners, co-teachers - in the ways of the heart.

About Cindy Jarrett

Cindy Jarrett brings a broad background from many diverse disciplines.

  • She is a retired Registered Dental Hygienist of 16 years, along with her former 8 years as a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Foot Reflexologist.
  • In 1989 Ms. Jarrett created and developed her own consulting company called, Designing Access. Her company is committed to teaching and developing communication and relationship skills for individuals, couples, and small businesses and groups. Her mission is to teach people the Language of the Heart and how to connect to their emotionally mature spiritual adult.
  • Cindy went on to study core shamanic healing and divination practices in 1992 and then joined the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 1994. She is a graduate of their 7th West Coast Three Year Advanced Program and has held a private shamanic practice since 1995.
  • Her consulting work expanded to include a career in writing and courses development, which she now teaches The Conscious Dating Courses for women and for men, as a part of her Conscious Relationship Series.
  • Cindy will be publishing the first in her Conscious Relationships Series: Path Of The Golden Heart, Conscious Dating in an Unconscious World.
  • Her writings expanded into poetry while studying for three years with John Fox, CPT. She has an artistic background studying stone sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and mandalas. Along with her many passions comes singing where she has studied with Pilar for over six years.
  • Cindy then expanded into the world of animal communication studying with Penelope Smith and Samantha Khury. This work opened a doorway back to horses - her lifelong passion.
  • Her first discovery into the concepts of natural horsemanship came with GaWaNi Pony Boy and Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, which lead her to the pioneering work of Facilitated Equine Emotional Learning (F.E.E.L.™).
  • She is now an EPONA Approved Instructor/Facilitator from the 2003/04 year long apprenticeship with Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds, in Arizona.
  • Ms. Jarrett is continuing her equine studies with AIA's Barbara Rector, Ariana Strozzi, Robin Gates' Liberty Training as taught by Carolyn Resnick, equine massage and holistic health care for horses.
  • Cindy has begun a year-long certification course in Equine Hanna Somatics as taught by Eleanore Criswell Hanna, The Somatics Insititute in Novato, California. Equine Hanna Somatics Education provides the horse with an elegant movement process that is a reeducation of their muscle placement and patterns for restored health, pain-free movement, reduced or eliminated stressed related behaviors, as well as, enhanced performance.
  • Also included in the studies is the revolutionary work of Gary Craig - Emotional Freedom Technique. A powerful and simple process for eliminating emotional blocks and long standing physical maladies. Cindy is a Certified EFT Educator in Levels One, Two and Three.
  • Ms. Jarrett has created her own distinctive expression in the facilitated equine education arena by weaving in her variety of professional endeavors: relationship consulting; practical metaphysical training and development; shamanic healing; animal communication; E.F.T.; holistic health; writing and artistic expression into a unique emotional learning and development experience. Along with her husband, Thomas, they are also developing their own course called Facilitated Equine Emotional Learning (F.E.E.L.™) at their soon to be created teaching facility, HorseJourneys(TM); Center for Conscious Evolution.

About Thomas Jarrett

I always knew I would end up living with horses because Cindy made me promise before marrying her, that one day I'd help her get back into the world of horses and buy a horse ranch. It is now becoming my shared life's dream with Cindy to be able to not only live with these amazing teachers, but also to work with horses in such a deep capacity for the betterment of others. Although not a former horse owner, I am also born Year of the Horse, and am a double Sagittarius. Horses do instantly feel like my brethren and horse medicine comes naturally for me.

  • Thomas Jarrett, Co-Founder, is acting as Vice-President and CFO for HorseJourneys TM.
  • Thomas holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan.
  • Mr. Jarrett is a graduate of the Certified Financial Planning Program from the College of Financial Planning in Denver, CO. Thomas also brings 25 years of training and development experience along with his more recent 15 years in business and management consulting. In that time, Thomas created his own business and financial education consulting company called Wealth Designs.
  • Thomas has studied extensively in metaphysical practical wisdom
    for the past 16 years.
  • Mr. Jarrett has also studied in Core Shamanic training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies for the past 14 years and is a graduate of the 7th West Coast Three Year Advanced Program.
  • Also included in the studies is the revolutionary work of Gary Craig - Emotional Freedom Technique. A powerful and simple process for eliminating emotional blocks and long standing physical maladies. Thomas is a Certified EFT Educator in Levels One, Two and Three.
  • And now, Thomas has started his studies in F.E.E.L.™ facilitation with workshops at Linda Kohanov's EPONA center in Arizona, Barbara Rector's Adventures in Awareness; along with horsemanship Liberty Training with Robin Gates as taught by Carolyn Resnick, studies in equine massage, organic farming, and holistic health care for horses.

About HorseJourneys

Mission Statement

Our Mission,

in partnership with horses,

is training people to become

emotionally responsible, authentic and conscious.

Together, the Jarrett's are providing an extraordinary training experience within a sustainable and safe environment, where one can connect to their authentic self through exploring - Practical Emotional Consciousness, Horse Wisdom, Nature and Spirit - thus creating healthier choices and powerful positive changes personally, professionally, communally and globally.

The Jarrett's have developed and co-facilitate various courses that challenge high functioning participants to expand their relationship with Emotional Creativity TM, self-expression, and relational responsibility..

Working with the Jarrett's, their Horses and Land encourages:

  • Greater and Sustained Self-care
  • Emotional Responsibility
  • Expansion of Inner Strengths and Practices
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills - Embracing Diversity
  • Rekindling a Connection with Nature and Spirit
  • Leading One's Life with Love
  • Learning How to Thrive in Life - no matter what the circumstances

The Jarretts feel strongly that it is time for humans and horses to learn and discover new ways of teaching, learning, loving, working, and playing together. HorseJourneys provides the environment for healing and growth at an individual level that impacts our communities and our planet, while promoting greater relationship between the land, animals and humans.

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