Some of the Benefits to Working with Horses

"The animals were mingling with the people like relatives"

-- Black Elk

  • It is an experience in heart opening
  • Deepening your connection to what matters most and to what you love
  • Learning to develop and listen to your Intuitive Intelligence and your Sensory Wisdom
  • Slowing down, slowing your mind and becoming still
  • Deepening your self-loving practices
  • Finding the courage to explore your truth and to tell that truth - becoming more real
  • Discovering and developing the inner leader - the authentic authorship of your life
  • Becoming congruent - so that what you feel, say, do and be are fully aligned
  • Allowing Spirit to reach you and speak to you through the Horse
  • Facing and conquering your fears
  • Learning the difference between emotion and feeling, and how to befriend both
  • Developing and opening to your "Emotional Creativity"TM
  • Experiencing non-judgment, possibly for the first time, and learning to let it go
  • Developing basic survival instincts of confidence, grounding, certainty, and creative problem solving
  • Connecting to the power and forces of the Natural World with renewed sensitivity
  • Dropping the need to prove or perform ANY-thing
  • Developing a balance between Yin and Yang - not one over the other
  • Connecting to the oneness with all animals and remembering who you really are
  • Finding a new or renewed connection to hope and that life is good
  • Mind, body and heart begin to work as one connected consciousness
  • Then, there is the mystery with horses that is unique, that can't be spoken before its time.

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