Designing Access Consulting

My Mission is creating new maps
for women and men to have
responsible communications and relationships
through a process called,
Conscious Designing.

This process assists people with their evolution
in becoming powerful, conscious,
emotionally mature, spiritual adults
thus opening an access
for enhanced emotional creativity, choices, love,
and life experiences.

Cindy Jarrett, who founded Designing Access in 1989, has been a health professional since 1978, as well as a small business owner since 1984. She has led workshops and lectured on relationship issues in university and business settings. She is currently writing several books for her Conscious Relationship Series.

Cindy has combined her high ethical standards, leadership and creativity into a unique and fresh approach to relationship and communication training.

I created my consulting business, Designing Access for high functioning, educated, spiritual adults to have a place to study and learn about love. Knowing that love is what each person ultimately seeks, the path where so many get lost, and the path we all must return to, to fulfill on our soul's promise. I felt it was essential to provide a safe environment for my clients and students to learn about the language and practice of love.

I have witnessed over my life, how even well adjusted men and women still struggle with love. It is not a function of scholastic education or spiritual wisdom, but the missing important work of learning the language of the heart and then developing the heart.

Our school systems do not include this vital part of who we are in any formal training process. And, not everyone F.E.E.L.s free to seek the assistance of a therapist. Why should understanding the essential wisdom and practices of our emotional nature be sequestered into the private corners of psychology only?

We need a mainstream availability to the foundations of emotional education and development for more people to benefit. This is my prime reason for teaching and training people how to have successful relationships with themselves and with the ones they love.

Not everyone is ready for this senior level of work it is true. But if we continue to keep our society distant from their emotional nature, understanding, and the required healthy practices for relationship success, then we will continue to foster the emotional fall-out we face today. Some examples of this fall-out is in the following:

* A life driven by fear, upset and emotional reactivity

* Disconnection from the Natural World

* Over riding the truth, and a fear of telling the truth

* An inability to know how to deal with diversity within love relationships

* Over riding one's body limits with work, poor eating habits, lack of sleep

* Emotionally caught in the wounds of the past

* Not knowing how to, and/or avoiding being responsible for one's actions

* Being in long-standing physical pain

* Under-communicating and under-functioning emotionally

* A lack of education in conflict resolution practices

* Being powerless to create and realize dreams

* Less joyful, happy or hopeful for the future

* Chronic conditions of separation, isolation and loneliness

* Missing out on magical living

I have had the grace and pleasure of witnessing some of the most stuck marriages that seemed to be beyond all hope, become fully restored to thriving from basic emotional strengthening and communication training. I have watched emotionally under-functioning adults blossom into their fully realized, mature adult selves. I have seen families that were separated for years heal old wounds that crumbled away under the power of love. I have seen the joy, over and over again, of single women and men finding their true and lasting life partnerships.

My consulting career has been blessed with the successes of my clients and students for over two decades and now I am in ecstatic joy of my emerging legacy work of these teachings in collaboration with the wisdom and medicine from the Horses.

My life is - a wonderful life - of immense joy, happiness and love, enhanced with the honor of being able to bring these life experiences into practical application for others to benefit and enjoy. I thank God/Goddess All That Is, for all that I have and all that I am able to give back to my community.

With Love, Cindy Jarrett

"Cindy creates a powerful, emotionally-safe environment for couples to heal the past. She taught us essential tools and ways of relating that have served us well for years as we continue to co-create our lives together. She has also shown us the importance of sticking with the work in order to integrate the necessary practices required to cultivate the love in our relationship for a lifetime."

-- Patrick Summar and Renee Safier

My trainings are structured in project format, for individuals, couples, small business partnerships, and family mediation where all projects, no matter the focus, begin with emotional development training. This fundamental foundation work is vital to our long-term health and the success of our human race.




E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique: This is a highly effective emotional clearing process for any physical, spiritual or mental limitations a person may be experiencing.

Personal Power: Develop and discover how to be your authentic self.

Self Love Project: Build your self-esteem and learn how to actively and effectively love yourself.

Belief Re-Writing: Releasing limiting beliefs and designing the thriving beliefs you desire to be believing - then see your world change.

Completing Past Relationships: Learning to let go of the hurts of the past and forgive.

Life Restoration Process: Establishing or rebuilding self-esteem and self-loving practices. Setting goals and acting on those goals for authentic power, balance, and realizing dreams.

Conscious Dating/ Soul Mate Project: Learning the practices for Conscious Dating, breaking patterns of self-destructive relating and knowing how to draw to you a loving life partner.

Pre-Marital Discovery: Couples who seek and have foresight to determine if they have chosen the right person. This is also for couples who wish to design a spiritual partnership based in conscious, loving practices.

Relationship Training: Creating powerful, responsible, emotionally creative, conscious and successful Life Partnerships. Including conflict resolution, communication and listening training, emotional development, and teaching each other how to provide for essential wants and needs.

Small Business Partnerships and Community Development: Providing the foundational structures for successful partnerships. Contracts, agreements, communication practices, clarity on purpose, mission and vision.

Family Mediation: Emotional education and training for any family members that creates a common baseline in which to heal the hurts of the past and design a new more loving relating for the future.

Becoming A Spiritually Mature Adult: Finding joy in being and living as an emotional adult, which includes: emotional development, responsibility training, re-parenting and self-care practices.

Conflict Resolution and Communication Training: Learning the skills for dealing effectively with diversity and non-agreement, and how to resolve those differences.

Conscious Relationship Closure / Conscious Divorce: Completing a current partnership or marriage with integrity, responsibility, ease and compassion.

Designing a Conscious Friendship: Learn how to avoid the pitfalls from under-communicated expectations and how to bring more joy and consciousness to your friendships overall.

Business Set-Up and Marketing Project: Necessary foundations for successful entrepreneur start-ups.

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