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In the Field of Horses
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-- Cindy Jarrett

Below you will find the highest quality of excellence with service providers, mentors, teachers, and colleagues, I have been blessed and graced to work and train with , and know.


Web Site Development

Bonnie Story - StoryBoard Productions
I highly recommend Bonnie Story of StoryBoard Productions for her being a technical wizard, making Web site designing amazingly simple, do-able, grounded in common sense, and FUN! I got to create exactly what I wanted my site to convey. Bonnie was a YES from the start... then the magic happened!

Logo Artist

Mark Wagner - Hearts and Bones
Mark Wagner has produced both my business cards and the graphic art for this Web site and it is always a pleasure and a joy to work in collaboration with him. Mark is a profound hollow bone for bringing to life your soul through color and art!


Suzanne Stanton - Some of the Fresian Horse Photography and horse with birds.

Zurlinden Photography - Portrait Shots

Cindy and Thomas Jarrett - All other Photography

Communication and Relationship Consulting

Designing Access Services
Individuals; Couples; Small Business Partnerships and Groups
Cindy Jarrett and Thomas Jarrett, at



Foundation for Shamanic Studies was created by Michael and Sandra Harner who have taught globally and trained hundreds of shamanic practitioners to host workshops globally. Their dedication to re-shamanizing the world has brought forth thousands of thousands of certified and trained shamanic practitioners in core shamanic healing practices.

Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Welcome Home is the master teacher of soul retrieval work around the world as well as her miraculous works with Medicine for the Earth book as well as workshops.

To find a Shamanic Practitioner nearest you, search this site.

Angeles Arrien, author of The Four Fold Way and programs of shamanic training is also a wonderful teacher and guide into core shamanic healing practices. Below is her website for her tapes, books and training schedules.

Tom Cowan is a Celtic shamanic teacher, researcher, and author. Anyone seeking to explore their Celtic roots through shamanic practice is advised to study with Tom.


Spiritual Healing

BRACO, one of the most powerful servants for bringing in Divine healing energy alive today.

Master Sha, a healer and a teacher of Soul Healing practices and also one of the most powerful servants for The Divine. Master Sha teaches you in his webinars, courses, and many books all that you would ever need to become fully healed, free and to understand the importance of serving a humanity in need.

Animal Communication

Penelope Smith, the author of Animal Talk, is internationally known for her ground-breaking work in animal communication and training. She is greatly responsible with her books and courses for bringing animal communication on the map of consciousness to the general public.

Samantha Khury who was taught by the grandmother of animal communication, has spread her works between Germany, Switzerland, and USA. (310) 374 - 6812

Regina Heynneman - One of the most powerful animal communicators available today. Regina not only reads an animal's issues and needs, she also can deliver long distance healing. I have personally worked with Regina with all our animals, fur and hooved, for over 20 years. (415) 472 - 3745

Marta Williams is the author of Learning Their Language, a phenomenal read and a guide to self-training in animal communication.



The Friesian Rescue Society

Black Sterling Friesians

Equinisity - Courses in Equine Assisted Re-connective Therapy and Healing Programs in Canada. Hosted by Liz Mitten-Ryan, Author, Artist and Animal Communicator and her Herd of Equine higher beings.

Pat and Linda Parelli

Karen Rohlf

Best Friends - sanctuary for retired or abandoned animals

Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary

People Helping Horses

Marin Horse Council

Bay Area Equestrian Network

Naturally Yours - natural horse care products


Alternative Development

Metaphysics - Concept Synergy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Nature Awareness - Jon Young

Hado Water

Coaching with JOY
Joy Balma, Creator of Unwind Your Mind Process

Alkaline Education and Support

Poetry Therapy - John Fox

Singing/Voice development - Pilar

Dance - The Moving Center School

Family of Origin Healing - Hoffman Institute

The Humor Project

Life and Business Coach extraordinare! - Patrick Summar
(310) 372 - 7711

Dream Coaching Training - Marcia Wieder
(tell her I sent you!!)

Horse Art

Tony Stromberg Photography

Tamara Gooch Photography

Judy Larson

Laurel Burch

Bergsma Gallery

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