Shamanic Counseling

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions, Shamanic Healing and Training
may be for you.

  • Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, body, others or life?
  • Are you feeling fearful about your life? Can't get moving/motivated?
  • Are you experiencing low esteem, loneliness or isolation?
  • Are you experiencing recurring negative patterns of betrayal, abandonment, worthlessness or power loss?
  • Do you feel a part of you is missing, a hollow or dark Feeling in your chest?
  • Have you had traumatic experiences that are still impacting your relating to self and others?
  • Do you desire a spiritual connection and discipline that is missing from your life?

Shamanism represents the most widespread and ancient methodology of mind-body-spirit healing known to humanity. Archaeological evidence suggests that Shamanic methods are at least thirty to sixty thousand years old. Shamans were the first psychologists and doctors of the ancient world. The value of Shamanic practices and the accuracy of the Shamans' world view is becoming better understood today through recent scientific research in the new physics.

Shamanism is a problem solving system for realizing one's own spiritual power, along with discovering one's ability to obtain extraordinary and very practical spiritual wisdom for important personal issues.

I see my role as being - a hollow bone, a messenger for information and healing. This work provides - the return of lost soul parts due to trauma and loss; eliminates spiritual intrusions that sometimes causes physical symptoms; and brings answers to life questions. I also can teach you how to journey - to travel in the spiritual world for your own answers.

I merely act as a guide for you to find your inner resources, and lead you to discover new levels of love, happiness, creativity and healing. Shamanic practices provide the freedom and independence for an active spiritual life that is invaluable for modern living. I guarantee you will prosper from an effective healing of the past, as well as, more spiritual aliveness, and feeling connected to life in a powerful and grand way.

If you are interested, please call for a non-fee consultation to determine which course of action, be it - soul retrieval; extraction healing; divination work; or finding your own inner shaman - that would be most appropriate for you at this time. I look forward to our working together with Spirit.

With gratitude,
Cindy Jarrett, SC

Shamanic Services


Diagnostic evaluation for what is most wanted and needed now for ceremony

Answers to Life Questions and Healing Issues

Asking for a Daily Ritual for any new discipline desired

Journey for help and healing for _______ facing this ________ challenge

Prescription for the next six months or year

Interpretation of the meaning of current or past dreams

Merged Divination for advice on a particular topic

What are the conditions for Miracles and Cure to happen for a particular problem

Journey Training:

Narrative journey method to all three worlds: Upper, Lower, Middle Worlds

Meeting of a Teacher, Spirit Helper or Power Animal

Extraction Healing:

Lifting out intrusions of a spiritual nature causing a physical or emotional malady

Power Animal Return:

Ceremony to bring back lost power and a spirit ally

Journey/meditation to Power Animal to discover gifts, lessons, how to care for them

Body Essence Return:

Trauma can cause the essence of a body part to be lost, returning to full functioning

Life Purpose/Soul Remembering:

Finding what you came here to do before you forgot due to life's distractions


The Healing Drum: a healing process for many different maladies

Tibetan Journey to retrieve souls who are thinking of leaving or are in a dying process

Soul Retrieval:

Ceremony to bring back pure soul essence lost to life's traumas

Journey/med: To bring back a ritual for clients to change patterns from soul loss

Journey/med: Discovering stolen soul parts, parts that were given, parts exchanged

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