Why Slow Down?

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field. I will meet you there."

-- Rumi

Doesn't it just feel better! When we slow down we can hear our intuitive voices. We can begin to hear what our Higher Self has to say. Our blood pressure lowers and our heartbeat calms.

We deal and cope with stress from a greater vantage point of responsiveness than from emotional excitability. We begin to make real and lasting changes.

We begin to trust in the flow of life and its divine timing to all our creations. We begin to trust others. We see the higher truth of a situation. We begin to heal by listening to the many feelings that are coursing through us everyday with vital information.

We begin to engage wisdom and patience. We start to dance with
The Mystery and The Unknown.

When we slow down, it feels better.
It f-e-e-l-s good.

There's an edge we ride in our own bodies with feeling and non-feeling. Horses love to meet us when we land
in "the field of feeling." They meet us when we cross over into that field of awareness.

The Field - what happens there??

There's this level of honesty that horses live by. They bring us to what relaxes the mind, relaxes the body, relaxes the heart so that more soul can enter in the body. We then can live more naturally as we had intended before the disruptive stresses from a modern world took hold. A modern, constantly moving world that has spun faster than our emotional development has been able to catch up to. In this work people begin to discover their emotional maturity, long denied or undeveloped. Most of us want to tell the truth. You learn not only how to tell your truth, but how to live your truth.

Horses relax when we do - think of all the "stuff" of life and living that throws you out of balance and out of a state of relaxation. Look to the bodily tensions you hold as a clue - stiffness, clenched jaw, upset stomachs, indigestion, anxiety, tight muscles, rushing and impatient movements.

Horses teach us how to fully let go and relax. At first, it can feel foreign.

We learn how exhausted we truly are from going here to there constantly without much alone time or down time. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) states that three out of every four people suffer from some form of sleep deprivation or sleep related stresses, like drowsiness, lack of concentration, lowered quality performance at work, or waking un-refreshed in the morning.

With an inability to relax, slow the mind and body, be in silence, and fully rest, as the body requires, takes us further away from our selves. Horses in heavy training regimes often will get injured or sick to claim their rest, a need that a competitive world sometimes bypasses.

One equine facility I visited in the mid-west had about eight horses in serious injuries. I went over to this very sensitive Arab mare and asked telepathically,
"Why are so many of you injured?" She walked over to the door of her stall and got as close as she could to me and said softly, "This is how we get our rest." Look at the measures they must devise to get our attention.

The principle of less is more has new meaning. The human nervous system was not designed for us to be in perpetual motion and still be able to stay connected to itself or All That Is. It is not about doing, doing, doing more. This is tricky with so many choices available at this time of our evolution. Becoming discerning of what we value most becomes a necessity.

Our species and planet's survival depends on us staying connected to the ways of the natural world. There are still plenty of scientific and technological advances to be made. But if we get any further away from honoring the natural flows of our bodies and environment, then we will only continue to witness increased illness, dis-ease, and destruction to our inner and outer worlds.

And isn't it coming closer to home year by year. Don't we all know someone close who has cancer? Don't you have long standing physical or emotional issues that are causing pain or suffering? We've adapted to accept this as a part of life. Life can be so much more than just our struggles. Many are self-imposed. The different ways we think, feel, act, believe, all the choices we have made until now, have tried to take us down. We can choose to turn this suffering and struggle around.

The horses are ready to teach us how to return to a slower pace. In this slower pace we feel and don't run from those feelings. We get rested. You ask anyone what would they do if they won a million dollars? And they commonly respond, "I'd quit my job and sleep on a beach!" Since it is not possible for everyone to quit unsatisfying jobs, then how are we going to deal with the need to get rested? When will we listen to this need for slowing down?

We've lost the art of "doing nothing." Horses are masters at the art of doing nothing. When we stop and give time for silence to work us, we hear the voices of the Divine. Creative ideas and solutions can actually reach us. We rest our bodies so they can recover fully from stress, injury or overwork.

Connecting to the value of slowing down is where the real work begins. With my clients who are so tired, I put them on a regime of no food after 7 PM and to bed by 10 PM for a month then evaluate how they feel. It works!

In working with the horses, when feelings that have long been tucked away begin to surface, one of the front-runner emotions is exhaustion. To make real changes for the better takes time and it needs to be done slowly - feeling awareness by feeling awareness - theres no crash course in coming back to your natural self.

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