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HorseJourneys Ethics and Practices

This code of ethics provides governance for the three domains of concern:

First, it specifies professional standards, which allows for the proper discharge of HorseJourneys' Facilitated Equine Emotional Learning and Consultation with responsibilities to the clients they are serving;

Secondly, it protects the integrity of HorseJourneys, FEEL™, and the professional members of HorseJourneys;

Finally, it safeguards the interests and persons of the clients and students under the guidance of HorseJourneys, FEEL™, and HorseJourneys' facilitators, instructors and handlers.

The facilitators, instructors, and handlers at HorseJourneys and FEEL™ agree to uphold the following practices:

  • Hold a sincere commitment to providing the highest quality of service to all persons who seek our professional programs.
  • Represent our professional qualifications accurately, including education and professional affiliations, and provide only those services, which we are qualified to perform by training and experience.
  • Inform the general public, clients/students accurately about the scope and limitations of FEEL™ and Consulting Education and Training.
  • Acknowledge the limitations of and contradictions to the application of FEEL™ and Consulting Education and Training practices, and refer clients/students to appropriate support health professionals as needed.
  • Provide FEEL™ and Consulting Education and Training only when there is a reasonable expectation that the service will be advantageous to the client/student.
  • Maintain and improve our professional certification, knowledge, and skills through ongoing assessment of our professional strengths and weaknesses, and through continued education and training.
  • Observe honesty and integrity in conducting our business and professional activities, and refuse to unjustly discriminate against clients/students or other ethical health professionals.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of all client/student information unless disclosure is authorized in writing, required by law or court order, or absolutely necessary for the protection of the public at large.
  • Respect the client/student's right to receive facilitation, education or training with informed and voluntary consent. The consent may be either written or verbal and will be obtained before providing any FEEL™ Facilitation or Consultation services.
  • Honor the client/student's right to refuse, request modification of, or terminate services regardless of prior consent given.
  • Ensure the safety, comfort and privacy of all clients/students in our provision of services.
  • Exercise our right to refuse to work with anyone for reasonable cause and if this environment proves to be inappropriate for anyone's ability to fully participate as an adult with inner strength, boundaries and responsibility.
  • Refrain, under any circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, activities, or sexualizing behavior involving a colleague or client/ student, even if the colleague or client/student attempts to sexualize the relationship.
  • Avoid any influence, activities or interests, which might conflict with our obligation to always act in the best interests of our clients/students or profession.
  • Follow all policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations, codes, and requirements put forth by governmental regulatory agencies.
  • Practice courteous professional relationships within HorseJourneys and FEEL™ and allied professional colleagues.
  • Hold the care and well-being of the horses as our prime directive at all times when including horses in the delivery of courses and programs.
  • Honor the horses as sentient beings with the power to choose to work or not.
  • Clients/students will treat all staff at HorseJourneys professionally and with respect, as will the staff with each and every client/student.
  • Gossip or breaches in confidentiality will be cause for immediate termination of employment or participation in future courses.
  • Inability to work out issues within the Conflict Resolution Guidelines as stated in our operating agreements will be cause for termination of employment or future participation in our courses.

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