HorseJourneys Center for Conscious Evolution

Our Mission,

in partnership with horses,

is training people to become

emotionally responsible, authentic and conscious.

HorseJourneys is home to our Conscious Evolution Consulting and F.E.E.L.™ Equine Facilitated Programs. We are a certified 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our intention for our Institute is to raise the standards of relating by training people to be emotionally mature, authentic and conscious adults.

In a world that can no longer deny its core emotional and sensory wisdom, we F.E.E.L. it is time to devote studies and programs to these very same topics. Our ability to move from merely surviving to thriving in our relationships, our work, our communities and environment, depends on an emotionally mature society.

Emotional development and education is that important work.

Our programs are designed to open this exploration into the intricacies of, the skill of processing different levels of, effective communication of those F.E.E.L.ings, and the practices of being responsible with the full spectrum of one's emotions. People then become more conscious with abilities of a developed inner witness, awareness, compassion, and love.

We see it is imperative to develop the practices of conscious communication and relationship. The heart holds its own language that many still do not understand or have access to. Our current educational systems do not provide any formal training in emotional development.

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Our programs will provide a place to come for that missing education. Working with horses brings people back into deep connection with their emotional power. And with greater emotional understanding and ability, people can reap the benefits from a life lived more consciously.

We are also committed to bringing greater holistic awareness to the horse community as to the true nature, sensitivity and growth needs of the horse. We hope to raise the bar toward a more holistic approach in stable and facility management that not only provides for the food, water and shelter for horses, but also cares for the social, spiritual and movement needs for these magnificent beings.

We are beginning to take applications for employment for the following, while knowing that these positions may not be open for another year or two:

  • Administration Assistant
  • Barn Manager
  • Site and Grounds Manager
  • Natural Horsemanship Trainers

Our Holistic Programs Under Development:


  • Emotional Integration and Recovery
    of wounded or abused horses
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Herd Studies and Development for F.E.E.L.™ Facilitation
  • Alternative and Healthy Barn and Herd Management for F.E.E.L.™ Facilitators, Horse Owners and Horse Facilities
  • Animal Communication Courses
  • Equine Hanna Somatics
  • Equine Massage Therapy
  • Wild Herd Observation and Study


  • "Welcome Home" program for veterans who would find it beneficial working with horses in order to be fully returned home from war and military experience.
  • Teen Empowerment Program - work-study; intern programs affiliated with Sonoma State University, UC Davis and local and regional High Schools.
  • Effects of Shamanic Practices with horses
  • Animal/Human Telepathic Communication Development
  • Sensory Awareness Training: remembering the power and practices of the Natural World
  • Art and Poetry as healing expressions with horses
  • Singing with Horses - Healing effects of singing with horses and humans
  • Organic Farming and Alternative Energy - energy efficient F.E.E.L.™ Facilities for self-sufficiency and ensuring lifelong stewardship of horses
  • Assistants Programs - Barn and Horse Management Training for personal empowerment

Other Programs:

  • Raptor Rehabilitation and Release site
  • Educational and Documentary Film Programs
  • Songwriting and Recording Programs


Why Contribute to HorseJourneys?

  • To help thousands of students reach their highest potential through their participation in our Emotional Education Programs offered at HorseJourneys, a certified 501c3 charitable organization.
  • To support hundreds of thousands benefiting from these essential teachings through books, tapes, educational DVD's, and documentary film projects.
  • To become part of a powerful solution to reduce emotional under-development and under-education in the world.
  • Your funds will contribute to HorseJourneys' receiving additional support from other funding organizations who match pre-existing funding thereby increasing the power of your contribution.

How will HorseJourneys
use your contribution?

  • Supporting the creation of our state-of-the art, energy independent, equine - human teaching facility for emotional development and education.
  • Providing a safe, nurturing, and spacious environment for the social, and movement needs of our horses.
  • A full scale launch of the HorseJourneys curriculum and programs to the public through courses, workshops, individualized training, course leader and volunteer programs.
  • Creating and delivering successful programs to transform Post-traumatic Stress Disorder related issues and spiritual wounds of veterans, teens, and horses.

Cindy JarrettWhat We All Are
Facing Today

Becoming emotionally powerful is the next step in our evolutionary development toward balance and correcting the problems we face in our world.

Our global immaturity has run its course of destruction. It is now the time to restore and build a foundation based in seventh generation wisdom. Immature people will not contribute the necessary solutions to the problems of our planet, people, animals, or plants. Only emotionally mature people can turn-around our world's current cycles of struggle and suffering.

Become an integral part of this solution by contributing to HorseJourneys today. Help us create our sanctuary for expanded consciousness through emotional development for all people. Contribute to the revolutionary equine-human education process and bring about spiritual, and social change.

What does HorseJourneys need?

PHASE 1: Capital Campaign - $10 Million

To purchase, improve, and/or develop a pre-existing equestrian facility in Northern California, and begin offering programs within the first 18 to 24 months.

PHASE 2: Further facilities and curriculum development - $4 Million

To make further facility improvements, hire additional staff/colleagues to support the vision, and conduct community programs.

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